aka: Heather Pache

I grew up in the Boston area, the youngest of 7 children- the daughter of a Scottish immigrant. This is to say that I’m extremely resilient and thrifty. I married and raised my two children as a military wife while living in Germany for 12 years. During that time, amid traveling and exploring the cultures throughout Europe, I became involved in English speaking community theaters. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a fearless attitude, I performed primarily as an actor, entertainer, but also included stage manager, set designer and assistant director. My creativity was explored to a new level when I adapted a script and directed a children’s play. Improvisation workshops proved thoroughly exciting and most fulfilling. Beyond Community Theater, I have discovered the worlds of voiceovers and film. My interests led me to take classes in London, learning as much as I could everywhere I went. Receiving praise and recognition from audiences, instructors, judges and my peers, I’m determined to find success in Hollywood.

The variety of characters I’ve had the opportunity to play range from bartender to assassin, angel to alien, psychologist to doctor to nurse, vampire hunter to Nun to manicurist. I’m naturally relatable and highly adaptable with a wide range of accents as my strength.

At this point in my life, a soon to be divorcee, I’m focused working full time in all aspects of TV, film, voice, commercial and industrial. Now a transplant to Los Angeles, I’m expanding my training to include action so I’ll be ready for ANYTHING that comes my way.


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