True Crimes (Episodic)                                   Guest Star                   NBC Studios

Braziiiil!! (short film)                                        Lead                            Benavides films

Iraq Dogs, (Film)                                             Supporting                   Sommerfilm/Kontrastfilm

Killing All The Flies (TV series)                       Principal                      Stuttgart FilmAkademie

The Family Channel (commercial)                 Co-Star                       AFN (Armed Forces Network)


THEATER **Award Winning

Death**                                                           Lead                            NEAT (New English American Theater)

Dark Monday-Monthly Readers Theater       Co-Star                       NEAT

Beauty & the Beast                                        Supporting                   Stuttgart Theatre Company

Hope & Mercy            **                                             Lead                            Stuttgart Theatre Company

The Women**                                                 Supporting                   Stuttgart Theatre Company

Cinderella                                                        Supporting                   Stuttgart Theatre Company

The Event**                                                    Co-Star                       NEAT

Dracula                                                           Lead                            Stuttgart Theatre Company

RUMORS                                                     Supporting                   Stuttgart Theatre Company

A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody**         Supporting                   Amelia Earhart Theatre

Your Mother’s Butt                                         Lead                            Amelia Earhart Theatre

Oggaline and The Time Machine                   Assistant Director       Wiesbaden American Middle School

Wing Nuts Improv. Theater                           Co-star                        Amelia Earhart Theatre

It’s a Wonderful Life                                        Supporting                   Amelia Earhart Theater

Sonny DeRee’s Life Flashes before His Eyes     Supporting                   Amelia Earhart Theatre

Something Wonderful Right                           Supporting                   Amelia Earhart Theatre

The Whole Shebang                                       Co-Star                       Amelia Earhart Theatre

The BFG                                                         Writer/Director                       Romer Studios

Nuncrackers                                                   Lead                            Roadside Theatre



Fighting/weapon handling for film                                                       Action Acting-Gian Franco

Weekly Workshops/Coaching                                                            The Actor’s Circle-Nancy Scanlon

Tap dancing course with NEAT                                                          Charles Urban/Sara Babakus

Acting for Film Summer Course                                                        Met Film School, London England

Audition Workshop; Stuttgart Theater Company                               Richard Roberts

Character Development; Stuttgart Theater Company                       Richard Roberts

Monthly Improv. Workshops; Amelia Earhart Theater                       Keith Greenleaf


SPECIAL SKILS: Dialects; NY/Bronx, New England, Southern, Irish, Scottish, British, Austrailian, German, French, Spanish. Comedy, Improv, Singer. Dance; Tap, Zumba, Salsa, Belly, Modern. Sports; Horseback Riding, Swimming, Archery, Fitness Instructor, Yoga, Kickboxing, Cooking, Writer, Excellent with children and animals. Valid passport